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Not every requirement may be suitable for an external recruiter to undertake a full talent search. However, even these hiring needs may require the management expertise of an external recruitment expert to help deliver optimum results.

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Potensis offers a variety of advertising campaign services, including:

  • Advertised Selection for Senior Appointments: Potensis has long standing relationships and strategic partnerships with high profile print and online advertising sources. We are able to secure both discounts and priority for our clients' adverts, as well as access to art workers and designers for advert production.
  • Local Engagement Campaigns: Potensis has a great record of accomplishment in delivering Section 106 labour requirements. A core component of this service is a proven methodology for engaging local communities. This can include the formation of partnerships with local employment organisations, local advertising (print and online) and a wider digital campaign embracing social media.
  • Volume Campaigns and Screening: not all campaigns target skills shortages, some campaigns may instead focus on roles that receive large volumes of applicants. When advertised, applicant numbers can overwhelm smaller in-house teams creating issues around screening quality, process management and even GDPR risks. Potensis is able to provide the expertise to manage, screen and vet all applicants, ensuring the best candidate choice and effective use of your in-house resource.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Potensis appreciates that many of our clients need to understand the results of their recruitment campaigns and may also need detailed reports and infographics produced. Our research team is able to provide monitoring and analysis of your advertising campaign, providing insight into its effectiveness.


Our comprehensive range of recruitment services find, engage and hire the right talent for our clients.

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