Scott Doody

Principal Consultant

Start Date – February 2014

I joined Potensis because of the Trainee Programme you get 6 – 9 months to build up your knowledge about both recruitment and the construction industry, there is no sink or swim environment. You then get a clear progression structure, incentives are fantastic you get to do things you’d never be able to do as an individual”.

Duncan Morgan

Associate Director

Start Date – October 2008

“I’ve been with Potensis for 10 years, and hope I’ll be here for the next 10 years.  They’ve not only given me a great career but flexibility with my work / life balance allowing me to start late and finish early for my daughter.  I’ve been on amazing incentive holidays, Steven, CEO is brilliant to work for”.

Chris Constantinides

Sales Manager

Start Date – February 2011

“There is long list of reasons why I love working at Potensis, we have a great team environment and working atmosphere.  Steven, CEO is very empowering, he’s helping me develop my team not just telling me what to do but giving me the opportunity to learn from him, to build the team myself.  We are one of the top specialist construction recruiters and have excellent client relationships”.

Suzie O’Flaherty

PA, Administration Manager

Start Date – August 2016

“I’ve seen so many people grow so quickly and rapidly within this business, down to Steven being the CEO, it’s great watching your colleagues grow and blossom. I was only here 12 months and achieved a promotion, so I’m really looking forward to future career opportunities with the company”.

Ian Jenkins

Account  Director

Start Date – July 2004

I wanted to work in an industry whereby you were rewarded for working hard, and Potensis just clicked with me, and has this exact ethos.  If you demonstrate your ability and commitment you’ll get promoted.  We have good client relationships, a straight forward but effective process and very good candidate relationship”.

Claire Doherty

Marketing Director

Start Date – March 2016

Working here I feel as though I’ve been injected with a huge dose of enthusiasm and motivation. Steven sets me objectives aligned to the business, he gives me guidance and direction but then gives me the freedom, trust and confidence to deliver.  The people here have enormous knowledge and insight and always have time to share with me – I love my job here.

Lauren Chandler

Senior Consultant

Start Date – January 2014

“Since joining the business I’ve been promoted every year, and I hope to continue, the opportunities are endless, especially with Steven coming onboard, it’s opened up whole new world for every consultant. Potensis is better than other agencies because of the support network it gives, the line managers in the company give you support that is very rare to come across in life, let only in a business.  I’ve been given so much support that I could ever imagine or begin to return”.

Jon Ingram

Residential Development Director

Start Date – May 2006

“Potensis means to me opportunity, I’ve always wanted to work for a market leader, and here I’m pushed as far as my ambitions will take me.  The culture here is fast paced and hard working, there’s a big emphasis in terms of professionalism and delivery.  Working for Steven can be challenging as he’ll push you on your established ways of thinking, he’s supportive and also hands on”.

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