The converging challenges of sourcing talented individuals for permanent positions and the management of a contingent workforce with a range of diverse skills is forcing organisations to review their hiring strategy and consider outsourcing to specialist recruiters.

The management of a contingent workforce in the built environment threatens to be highly complex, due to multiple agencies required to accommodate the wide range of niche skills needed. Equally the ability to source top talent in a extremely competitive industry is like finding a needle in a haystack. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We recognise that organisations have limited capacity to proactively manage numerous agencies, track KPI’s and monitor workforce levels. Our workforce solution includes direct sourcing of permanent position and contingent management to provide the sourcing expertise and scalability that enables clients to keep up with demand. Working collaboratively, we set out to review, manage and improve a preferred agency panel to holistically deliver workforce targets aligned to development schedules.

We help companies scale up and flex by providing additional capacity exactly when it’s needed, underpinned by the latest resource technology to provide a single view of your total workforce.

Added value is delivered through:

Every organisation will operate differently, our solutions align to our clients’ specific requirements. We work with organisations to create an operational model associated with contractual and project timeframes. Whether it’s a single site or national multiple sites, owning the complete hiring process or a slice of it, we design a model which fits a client’s focus, we then leverage our candidate network and expertise to shape their immediate and future workforce.

Potensis have a rare skill in construction recruitment to be able to source candidates across all sectors and most importantly carry out thorough research before offering short-lists. They are key to Mears in finding the people and skills we need and we find their professionalism towards candidates and us a positive differentiator.

Tim Carpenter - Managing Director, Mears New Homes

Are you using multiple agencies across varied skill requirements and feeling frustrated with agency management? Do you have a digital strategy for hiring both permanent and temporary workforce needs? How do you plan to tackle future skill shortages?  If you’d like to learn more about how we are helping our clients overcome recruitment challenges through our Workforce Solutions, contact Stephen Hooper, Strategic Director or call him on 07917 639 118.

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