In today’s competitive environment it’s critical for companies to attract and retain top talent within the industry. The bedrock in understanding the trigger points for candidate attraction comes from accurate knowledge of remuneration packages for specific job roles, by location and within specialised industry sectors.

Our research team utilises live data from several sources to analyse current remuneration trends, to provide bespoke client benchmarking reports, which allow clients to compare salary and benefits available within precise locations and sector for specific job titles. This data helps companies to make informed remuneration decisions to ensure they are competitively placed to attract the best talent.

Time and resource pressures within a busy HR department might mean that the task of benchmarking roles is shared between multiple colleagues, or not actioned accurately.

In all our rate benchmarking projects there is a dedicated analyst and senior consultant so you can be certain of fair and accurate interpretation to match specific roles.

We have worked with Potensis for a number of years. We have always been impressed by both the quality of their candidates and their commitment to providing a client focused recruitment service. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Rod Sutherland - Operational Manager, MITIE

Where does your organisation sit within the pay scale for an experienced technical engineer? Who are the top 5 best paying organisations within the built environment? What are the top 5 benefits employers are looking for? How far do you really need to go to attract top talent? If you’d like book a free assessment session please contact Suzie O’Flaherty¬†¬†who will arrange an initial meeting with the most appropriate analysis and senior consultant.

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