The diverse and specialised nature of the built environment workforce dictates organisations use multiple staffing agencies.

Niche sector skills are becoming increasingly hard to fill vacancies, these positions include, technical, engineering, skilled tradesman and high volume temporary labour. The built environment is complex enough but managing a diverse range of skill sets to ensure an efficient workforce is an unnecessary barrier and one which could be outsourced to experts.

Our on-site solution is led by a dedicated Recruitment Manager (RM) who will be on-site to manage the sourcing of permanent, contract and temporary recruitment demands. The RM will be supported by our resource team with access to the regional database which includes over 280,000 candidates of unskilled and skilled labourers registered and screened for temporary work.

The dedicated RM is closely aligned to operations, working alongside key management to ensure an efficient productive workforce is in operation during normal pre-build, build and post build. We create bespoke recruitment and daily management processes which mirror our clients’ operational infrastructure, quite often tailoring to each specific site.

Added value is delivered through:

Our on-site resource solution will accelerate your recruitment process, whilst managing your flexible workforce efficiently, providing visibility and control through a single point of contact, which allows project and site leads to focus on their key objectives.

Potensis have always worked hard to ensure that the quality of the people they put forward is very high. This saves our Managers a considerable amount of time and results in us recruiting the right people both on a temporary and permanent basis. The addition of blue collar recruitment services to the Potensis portfolio in recent times has given us a one stop shop and they have proved to be equally adept at finding us the right people in this field as well.

Lucas Critchley - Regional Director, Mears

Are you focusing too much time on recruitment needs when you should be concentrating on your core objectives? How many temporary labourers do you have today? How many will you need tomorrow? And how many agencies will you have to call for extra temps? Are you wasting too much time screening candidate CVs? Would you like a more centralised approach? If you’d like one team to co-ordinate your entire Onsite workforce, contact Stephen Hooper, Strategic Director¬†¬†or call him on 07917 639 118.

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