Amid the unprecedented skill shortages within Residential Development, Repair & Maintenance and Commercial Construction, our executive search and select service is becoming an effective solution to source high calibre individuals.

We adopt a four-tiered integrated approach that includes the careful orchestration of confidential networking, demographic site mapping, competitor talent research and of course sourcing from within our exclusive off-grid candidate database.

As well as producing a detailed job specification we create a personal competency profile, which identifies both professional and personal characteristics. This process can only be deployed by a truly specialised Headhunter who not only understands the industry sector but has substantial knowledge of selective aptitudes required for niche roles.

Our executive search and select process delivers:

Access to our ‘selective’ candidate pool within the database, quickly identifies off-grid candidates whom are exclusively connected to Potensis, these are passive candidates not active within the job market.

We have worked with Potensis on many positions over the last 5-years and have found their approach to be professional and efficient. They understand the roles and level of experience needed to meet with our expectations and always provide candidates that match our requirements.

Adrian Watts - Managing Director of Redrow London

Our Executive Search & Select guarantees we’ll capture the passive candidate, can you really afford to ignore top talent? Once you’ve made an appointment, have you got the time to nurture the candidate through the appointment to the start date? Counter offers are becoming more frequent as companies battle to retain top talent, we’ll make sure your appointed candidate is kept engaged and ready to start.

For more information about our Executive Search & Select, contact Jon Ingram, Director or call him on 07817 419 231.

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