The demographics and attitudes of the contingent workforce continue to evolve as the talent crunch continues to shrink the contractor market within the built environment. Contractors compliment a permanent workforce, provide flexibility and fill skill gaps, a key essential for most property and construction projects.

Due to our experience and tenure within the industry we possess a skilled, reliable and agile contractor database, providing our clients with a cost-effective way to run projects without compromising on quality.

We integrate employer branding within the recruitment process to mirror an organisation’s permanent hire process. Regardless of the length of assignment, our engagement with each and every candidate cultivates a positive experience, leaving a candidate enthusiastic and motivated to work.

Added value is delivered through:

Our internal structure segments our team into well-defined property sectors and specific skill categories, which allow them to effectively respond to resource needs.

Our main contact at Potensis has worked hard to understand the individual requirements of our line managers and the culture and environment that their candidates would be working in. This has resulted in Potensis being a trusted resourcing partner of Kier Construction London and we look forward to working together in the future.

Nicola Docherty - HR Manager, Kier Construction

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