Potensis is an approved Apprentice Training Agency (ATA) with the Department of Education & Skills Funding Agency. We help recruit and support apprentices throughout their apprenticeship period.

We build a compelling employer value proposition for your apprenticeships which attracts the most suitable candidates, aligned to your project pipeline with a practical approach to ensuring fulfilment of the apprenticeship tenure.

Running an apprenticeship scheme is complex and requires you, as the employer, to agree to a number of commitments, such as the release of your apprentices for periods of study. We will work with you and training providers to plan apprenticeships that deliver the skills needed for your apprentices that are both Apprenticeship Levy-compliant, efficient and create added value for your business.

It’s all about building a plan with you. Once you’ve got that you can use all or any part of our services to deliver your apprenticeship scheme.

We advise on how the Apprenticeship Levy can be used to support your wider talent strategy to address skill gaps within your business. We identify suitable qualification programmes and match them with the best training providers within the locality of your current and future build sites.

Our delivery model is designed around improving the apprentice experience for both the apprentice and the employer. Our hosting model simplifies the recruitment process and allows Potensis to manage the whole process removing the need for additional headcount with host employer organisations and the administration costs including payroll and other associated costs.

We employ all apprentices, dealing with any and all HR, performance reviews and H&S requirements. We produce monthly reports for all apprentices showing our clients continued progress of the apprentice with the help of a dedicated Apprentice Manager.  For information regarding funding click here.

For more information please contact Caroline Towner, Apprentice Manager on, 0207 620 6900 or email caroline.towner@potensis.com
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