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The construction industry remains one of the UK’s biggest exports, generating revenues of over £120 billion a year and employing 2.8 million people. Private housing remains the largest employment sector within the built environment.

The search for skilled professionals has been a challenge for several years, fuelled by the high level of staff movement that characterises a job-rich environment and the full pipeline of planned projects across the UK. Many organisations within the sector continue to increase the number of graduates each year to combat skill shortages.

The sector includes all graduate-level construction disciplines such as quantity surveying, construction management, civil and structural engineering, architecture etc. It includes all facets of the built environment and it covers sectors such as housing, commercial construction, infrastructure and regeneration.

The sector incorporates land development, investment, planning, technical, build, sales and customer service. In other words, this sector covers the entire property and construction project life cycle – through project proposal to designing projects and building them to selling them, investing in them and managing them afterwards.

Personal Attributes

A related degree such as surveying, architecture, civil engineering, construction and building studies is recommended. The skills required do vary according to the range of work, but communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team are vital. Strong academic knowledge and experience is necessary for architects, engineers and surveyors, who must all undertake accredited degrees and training courses.

Employers will be looking for your problem solving, project planning and relevant experience you may have gained during your degree. Construction can be creative, but you need to be practical, financially astute and aware of the bottom line. Good IT skills are important, particularly for design roles.

One significant attraction to the construction industry is its flexibility as you are continually gaining valuable practical experience on every project, and therefore improving your skill-set progressively. Once you’ve started training in construction you can progress and divert your career by gaining further qualifications and experience into roles in technical, engineering, finance or consultancy because all require numeracy and project management skills.

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Building Potential

Working within construction allows you to develop a diverse range of skills, be involved with innovative projects and opens up career path which brings both financial rewards and personal satisfaction.

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