The CITB often conduct surveys and circulate research reports which identify career trends within the construction industry.  The findings are used to encourage the development of stronger career paths in the construction industry.  Their most recent survey aimed to:

    • Examine how people in the industry progress – and what they mean by ‘progression’.
    • Identify the factors, particularly education, training, and qualifications, which lead to or inhibit progression
    • Differentiate progression routes and their contributory factors by different industry occupations

    The snapshot of the results revealed:

    • 74% of workers within construction first jobs were in industry, the remaining 26% having worked in other industries first (most often in manufacturing).
    • 64% of those who worked first in other industries had done so for 4 or more years.
    • 73% of industry entrants initially worked as employees, 27% entering on self- employed terms.
    • Since first entering the industry, 22% of current workers had spent a period of employment outside of the construction industry.
    • Many respondents of the survey had worked in the industry for long periods – only 6% had worked in the industry for less than 5 years and 41% had been in construction for 26 or more years
    • Over a third of industry workers (36%) had never had a period of unemployment lasting 4 weeks or more.

    Employment within the construction sector continues to rise, with severe skill shortages predicted over the coming 5 years.  There are several national major initiatives to improve the image and status of the construction industry in attempt to make it more appealing as a career and to appeal to individuals seeking a career change.

    If you’re considering a career in construction, whether as a skilled tradesman, white collar management or labourer, there are numerous industry bodies to offer advice and guidance including the CIBT and the National Career Service

    If you’d like to talk to someone who works within the industry we have a database of over 240,000 candidates including Commercial Directors, Engineers, Plumbers, Quantity Surveyors, Traffic Marshalls etc and would be happy to put you in contact with some of our candidates to hear first-hand  what it’s like working within the industry.

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