The progressive worldwide move towards pre-fabrication within the built environment is a positive step towards improving efficiency and embracing new technology which will drive a more innovative image within the sector.  Although pre-fabrication currently only sits at 10% within Residential Development it’s a growing trend which will steadily increase over the next couple of years. It’s therefore important for professionals who work within the built environment to keep updated on which skills will need to be adapted or new skills learnt to ensure their own ability and knowledge remains relevant and necessary within the sector.

    The CITB’s latest report Faster, Smarter, More Efficient: Building Skills for Offsite Construction,  identified six key offsite functions which will require tailored skill sets to accommodate the new process, these included:

    1. Digital Design
    2. Estimating / Commercial
    3. Logistics
    4. Offsite manufacture
    5. Onsite assembly and placement
    6. Site management and integration

    A vital observation by the CITB research team included the importance of the above job functions to adopt a more collaborative approach, whereby shared knowledge and behaviours will play an integral role in the delivery of efficient offsite projects.

    Over the coming weeks will be publishing a series of insights which look at the built environment workforce in the offsite arena and the impact on current and future skills, which will include:

    What job roles will be effected?
    What new skills, if any, will be required?
    What communication and collaboration changes lie ahead?
    Will any job functions become redundant and replaced with new roles?

    We’ll also take a look at technical and soft skills, current and future knowledge needs, as well as new software to support the transition.

    If you work within the built environment and have any special requests regarding skills in the offsite environment please contact

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