What does real estate represent?  Real estate for any country means the creation of jobs with the investment for new building projects, which consequently benefits communities – it is key to the economic growth of any city.

    The real estate industry directly employs 4.2 million people across Europe and businesses throughout the world cannot function without the services of adequate commercial property.   Real estate in all its forms accounts for almost 20% of economic activity and is the fundamental source of a city’s overall development.

    Berlin is Europe’s safe spot for investment
    The real estate industry reacts to economic trends such as interest rates, population growth and economic strength; currently Germany is by far the most attractive country in Europe for investment and German cities take top places for investment prospects in Emerging Trends Europe’s city rankings for 2017.  Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt lead Europe when it comes to the real estate industry and there is no end in sight to the property investment boom. Emerging Trends Europe’s survey was carried out after the UK referendum decision to leave the European Union.

    Because Berlin is growing at a healthy pace with a steady increase of population and employment demand, it makes the city a safe spot for investors, the capital’s housing markets are developing extremely fast and it is the city in Germany where most growth is anticipated over the next 10 years.

    Berlin – top congress city in the world
    The population of Berlin will exceed 3.6 million inhabitants this year (2017) and it is predicted the city will increase to over 4 million residents by 2025. Since 2015 Berlin is the top congress city in the world and the city’s economy has grown continuously above the German average since 2005.

    Berlin is rapidly becoming the ‘Engine of Europe’ for instance, some key facts include:

    • Number of total employees: 1,890,000
    • New jobs in 2016: 46,2000
    • Unemployment rate 2016: 9.8% (lowest since 1991)
    • Number of unemployed people in December 2016: 172,604

    Berlin is now firmly established amongst London and Paris and is rapidly becoming a global city, it is very multicultural with tremendous employment opportunities.

    May be it is time to start studying German

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