Graduate Role
Graduate Role

Graduate Role

As a Graduate Trainee with Countryside, our structure training programme will provide you with the following:

Graduate Buddy

An existing Graduate in the business that can guide you through processes, give you advice on further study and accreditations, give an honest opinion and information on any questions you might have and provide insight from a similar level, as they have previously been in your position. Your Graduate Buddy is always at the end of the phone and you can arrange to meet formally or informally at any time!


An experienced individual within the business, at either Associate Director or Director level. You are normally matched with a mentor that has differing strengths to that of your own, to encourage you to be the best version of yourself. You will normally meet with your mentor on a monthly basis, but you can meet with them as regularly as you feel you need to! They can provide you with advice based on their own experience and what they see and expect of Graduates that rotate through their own departments. Countryside mentors are senior members of the team that are incredibly passionate and dedicated to the progression and development of Graduates through the business.

Placement Promise

At the beginning of each new rotation, you will have allocated time with the leader of the department to identify targets and objectives for you to work towards and to have achieved by the end of your time within that rotation. The department leader will identify to you what the Graduate role within their team is, what they expect you to achieve in your time there, but also to identify areas and projects that you can nominate yourself to be involved in for your own progression. These targets are regularly reviewed throughout your rotation to ensure you are happy and getting the exposure you want!

Highest Level of Exposure

As the fastest growing Housebuilder, Countryside are continuously identifying additional development opportunities for the business and therefore different environments and projects constantly present themselves. As part of the dedication towards Graduate Trainees, you are encouraged to be involved in as many of these new projects as possible to expose you to various situations and give you as many professional development opportunities as they can. This may mean that you will complete a couple of rotations in different offices across the region, Countryside will support you with appropriate travel / accommodation / relocation costs to ensure that you are able to make the most of these opportunities!

Graduate Community

As you will be joining a current network of Graduate at various stages throughout the scheme, there is a wonderful community for you to join! The Graduates meet regularly and take turns to arrange and chair meetings, to discuss current industry topics, current projects within their rotations and to share knowledge. They also maintain a healthy social life and enjoy many events throughout the year together!



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