Preparing yourself adequately for an interview will subconsciously relax you, as well as placing you in a good position to conduct a successful interview.

There are a number of things you are certain to be asked during an interview and they tend to cover the following topics:

The company – an online search on the company’s website is the best place to start. As well as information about the business itself you’ll get a feel for how they market themselves, there may be some key people within the organisation and often there will be a news page with recent stories and updates about them. Google news is also a good place to look for up to date reports about a business and it shows you have gone further than just the easy route to find information. If you can get an annual report too this can be really useful.

Research their latest major developments or construction projects, refer to the scale, value or location, as well as any recently won contracts or projects in the pipeline.  Be aware of their competitors and a little knowledge on their activity will go a long way.

The market – look at the property market activity, and trends within the particular sector whether it be Commercial Construction, Residential Development or Social Housing.   You’ll be aware of the key online magazines and industry bodies, which have an abundance of articles on trends.

The people – be sure you know who the key leaders are within the company, this is easily found on the company website, but also view their social media sites, LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube.

The journey – plan the journey, check how long it takes online and then if possible do a dummy run, plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early, as late arrival for an interview is inexcusable.

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