Appearance –  wear conservative colours, do not wear too many colours, clothes should be clean and neat, whether you are meeting in a building or on-site.  Look groomed, this doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a suit, but don’t turn up in a creased shirt! This will show you have prepared for the interview.  Bear in mind that first impressions do count.

If offered a refreshment, accept. If you don’t feel like a hot drink agree to water, you’ll probably need it anyway.

Stand upright and have a firm handshake with whomever you meet.

Do not sit down first, wait until invited to take a seat.  Sit upright and avoid fidgeting, this is a common nervous tendency and can be off putting for the interviewer. Keep your hands still.

Look your interviewer in the eye and maintain eye-contact throughout the interview.  If you are before a panel try and give each member of the panel a glance – do not for the whole interview look at one interviewer only.

Speak slowly – remember your voice, this will reflect your personality, consider the tone of your voice avoid speaking in a monotone pitch, think about the clarity of  diction and pause on key words – this will emphasise any significant points.  A good voice will also show ease and reflect your measure of confidence.

Ask a question, if you’ve prepared appropriately you will have a list of questions.

Thank the interviewer for their time and add ‘I look forward to hearing from you’.

Contact your agency as soon as you leave the interview to provide feedback.  The company will contact the agency with their feedback and it’s a really positive signal for the consultant to be able to say ‘I’ve already heard from the candidate, as they are very enthusiastic about the opportunity.’

Wear a smile!

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