If you have conducted proper research and prepared yourself accordingly, you should feel pretty confident about your interview.  However, it’s easy to become ruffled by the incidents preceding your interview, so here’s a couple of tips to calm the nerves leading up to the interview.

Plan what you are wearing the day before, ensure everything is clean and ready to wear.  Go to bed at a reasonable time the night before and avoid alcohol.  Make sure you eat breakfast, regardless of the interview time, a good breakfast will set you up for the day.  Avoid consuming too much caffeine in the morning, for those with extreme nerves this may trigger the shakes.  Drink plenty of water.

Don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily by arriving late, otherwise you will arrive flustered, red-faced and emotional.

Plan your route carefully, whether travelling by car or public transport, allow for any delays.  If driving research parking areas, you don’t want to be driving around trying to find a parking space and end up walking a long way. If possible arrive early and go for a coffee.

Once you’ve entered the building you will be observed, be polite to the receptionists and smile.  If you need to visit the toilet, be aware of the people around you and smile again! Remember, you’ll make an impression on everyone you come into contact with in carpark, toilet, lift or corridor.

If you’ve done sufficient planning you will arrive calm and cool – enjoy the interview.

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