Your appearance is the first thing people notice about you and will leave a lasting impression so getting it right is really important.

You need to feel comfortable as this will make you act comfortably and can make you appear at lot less nervous, if in doubt always go for a classic business wear in a dark colour. For both men and women this conveys a serious approach. Either a crisp clean shirt and tie or smart top will finish the look along with polished shoes and clean nails. If the position is non-managerial and a casual look is more appropriate, you still need to project a clean and tidy image.

A few more specific points would be:

  • Ties – keep them sensible. No¬†cartoon characters or strange shapes and colours
  • Facial hair – this must be well-trimmed and clean to maintain a smart appearance
  • Make up – keep it subtle
  • Hair clean and tidy avoid unusual colours – blue, pink
  • Accessories – keep them to a minimum. Sometimes big earrings or chunky chains can be distracting for an interviewer and can detract from what you are discussing
  • Odours – too much aftershave or too little deodorant can be very off putting in an interview
  • Smoking just prior to your meeting may leave a scent on you which is hard to get rid of, so make sure you are not leaving the wrong impression.

Lastly, smile, have positive body language and shake hands confidently with your interviewer.

Good eye contact puts both of you at ease, builds a relationship and sets the scene for a great interview. You have done the preparation so you’re set up for a great interview!

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