Sometimes what not to include on your CV is just as important as what to include.  Remember, keeping your CV to two page is key, people will not read multiple pages about you – time is precious.

Academic failure can be a severe blow for some people, but not all companies are focused on qualifications.  Experience and skills gained during roles can be equally important, so don’t list qualifications that you failed, only list what you have passed.  And, if you don’t have any qualifications to list, don’t use a chronological template, use a skill competency style.

Loner – if you prefer your own company, and enjoy working alone don’t emphasise these points.  It will project an image of awkwardness and inability to get on with people.

Confidence – some people prefer precise guidance to carry out their responsibilities, even though you may be more than able to perform your duties without supervision, you like reassurance.  Don’t state you ‘prefer regular supervision’ this will project an image of insecurity and lack of confidence

Dis-organised – you may be a bit of a scatter brain, and struggle to organise your day constructively, this may not prevent you from hitting your targets and objectives but it won’t project an efficient image.

Chatter box – chatting in an office or on-site is a regular occurrence but don’t promote the fact that you like the social aspect of working.  Talking too much is time wasting, and although you might be able to multi-task, for others –  talking can be a distraction.

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