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The construction industry is suffering from a serious skill shortage issue and with significant investment planned across the UK, the challenge is set to continue.  As demand is outstripping supply a career choice in construction is a promising prospect.  According to recent research from the Construction Skills Network, the UK construction industry will need an additional 4,310 construction project managers to meet demand every year from 2017 – 2020.

Managing a construction project involves the co-ordination of a diverse range of people in different roles during different stages of a project.  If you are a natural communicator, don’t mind taking the lead and enjoy the satisfaction of overseeing practical progression this could be an ideal career path, skills include:

Personal Attributes

A bit about what they do

As a construction manager, or site manager, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that a building project is completed safely, within an agreed timeframe and budget. Managing the practical side of every stage of the build, you’ll work closely with architects, surveyors and other building professionals in planning and delivery.

You’ll also supervise and direct a range of operations on a construction site and ensure that all tradespeople and contractors are working together to an agreed plan and that progress is being made. You may oversee a whole site, or a big part of a large-scale, complex project.


As a construction manager, you’ll need to:

  • Plan the work, oversee the buying of necessary materials and equipment hire
  • Manage the construction site on a day-to-day basis, including supervising the labour force, monitoring subcontractors, checking materials, inspecting work and overseeing quality control
  • Ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget by setting benchmarks, agreeing budgets and monitoring progress
  • Check design documents with architects, surveyors and engineers
  • Promote and maintain health and safety, including site inspections to ensure safety rules are being followed
  • Maintain regular communication and attend meetings with clients and their representatives to inform them of progress on the project, i.e. stakeholder management
  • Communicate with any consultants, subcontractors, supervisors, planners, quantity surveyors and others involved in the project
  • Deal with any unexpected problems that may occur during the project

Salaries will vary according to location and sector, here’s a general salary scale.

Site Manager Salary Scale

In addition bonuses are common if targets are met and significant increases in salary can often be achieved.

Most graduate training schemes last around two years and on completion it’s likely that you’ll be give more responsibility and a broader range of work to manage. After this, progression depends on the size and nature of your employer.


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Building Potential

Working within construction allows you to develop a diverse range of skills, be involved with innovative projects and opens up career path which brings both financial rewards and personal satisfaction.


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