First impressions are remembered, watch what you say and do; it is crucial to possess valuable listening skills, listen attentively to the objectives of your boss and spend the first week learning who the key people will be in getting your job done. Listening is imperative to effective working relationships among employees and between management and staff.

Organise your desk/work area/workload
People working in the built environment must be tidy and organised this must be demonstrated by a tidy desk or work area. An orderly desk reflects attention to detail and ability to be organised.

It is crucial to develop an effective strategy for managing your time and workload; because it will often be the case that you will feel you do not have enough time to complete all of your tasks, which will lead to stress but bear in mind that when you are organised your productivity will increase. The ability for an employee to carry out their work duties efficiently cannot be over-stated, good planning is one of the most valuable assets which an employee can have because it ensures completion of work.  Sound and competent organisation gets the best out of people.

Make sure you have all the necessary items in order to perform your work, such as laptop, mobile phone, hard hat etc.

Find out where the coffee and tea are kept, do you need someone to show you how to use the coffee maker?  Who washes the dishes?  Do not leave dirty cups around.

Also take the time to check your tax code is correct!

Take the time to get to know “all” people around you
Smile, be pleasant and take the time to introduce yourself for example, if you are in a lift, kitchen or work-canteen take the time to be social; it is important to acknowledge other people in the workplace. A pleasant hello is always important before entering into a conversation about work.

Remember manners at all times say please and thank you and treat ‘all’ people with equal respect, by being friendly you are making yourself approachable.  Modern day work life is now at a fast pace which results in stress but people are less tense if they feel the people around them are friendly and as a result increases their confidence.

Strengthen your new connections on social media but reconnect with former colleagues
Up-date your new profile across your own social media network and make yourself a valuable contact. It is important to keep in touch with former colleagues it does not have to be time consuming, send them an email, or meet for coffee, offer advice and help whenever needed, as one day you may want a favour returned.

Make notes
Taking notes is a great way of helping you identify important concepts; getting au fait with a new job is a gradual process and it is impossible to remember everything, therefore you need to constantly bank your knowledge and it is imperative to record activities as this will help you in your personal development within the company/hospital as well as increase your confidence.  Write down any relevant dates, topics or any future events and prepare any relevant research.

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