You want to be included in the ‘yes’ pile of candidates, so here’s some tips on how to avoid submitting an irritating CV

Quirky formats
You want your CV to stand out, but for all the right reasons not because it’s wacky or quirky style with your photograph positioned in the centre.  Keep your CV to a simple, easy to read style.  Unless you are applying for a positon which oozes creativity.

Without a doubt, the first aspect to be looked at on your CV is your current or latest position, but it needs to be relevant to the position you are applying for.  Unless the job applicant states ‘experience not necessary’ don’t waste your time applying. Relevancy also means using the right keywords. Check that you’re using appropriate terminology for job titles, skills, responsibilities and achievements. If the job description is short on keywords, look at a range of similar roles to get an idea of what’s commonly required.

A weak profile 
Using buzz words such as ‘innovative leader’ is immediately irritating and far too a general phrase to use in your CV. A personal profile should simply summarise your experience, skill and knowledge – a factual personal insight.

Spelling errors 
It sounds obvious but so many CVs are submitted with spelling and grammar errors. If you are weak at proof reading, pass to a friend or family member to check.  Any mistakes will ensure you sit on the ‘no’ pile.

No covering note 
You’ve taken the time to research the vacancy, you have carefully crafted your CV but then you can’t be bothered to include a cover note to personalise why you are applying for the position.  The covering note will be read before your CV, this is an ideal opportunity to standout and ensure your CV is looked out – don’t throw it away.

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