The construction sector is represented by Construction Skills Sector Skills Council. Construction is the creation of the built environment covering all stages of the construction process, from creating the initial ideas and designs to actually building the structure and ensuring that everything continues to work after it is completed. The sector covers the following areas: building infrastructure (such as roads and rail); the building of public and private housing; the construction of public non?housing (such as schools); industrial building; the construction of commercial premises (such as offices and retail units); together with the repair and maintenance of these constructions.

Construction Skills represents every part of the UK construction industry, from architects to bricklayers. The sector employs 2.35 million people, representing over 8% of the UK workforce.

Professional and managerial staff in the construction sector can be involved at all stages of a construction project from the early planning stages to maintaining a building after it has been constructed. The industry covers a whole range of different roles including:

•             Design – Architects, Structural Engineer, Geospatial Modeller

•             Surveying – Quantity Surveyor, Building Surveyor, Hydrographic Surveyor

•             Management – Construction Manager, Project Manager, Site Supervisor

•             Planning – Planner, Facilities Manager, Town Planner

Some who enter this area of the industry will become specialised in their chosen field, whilst others will start their own companies or become managers in construction businesses.

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